TFW Bainbridge Warrior of the Month

Marla Richards!!

At TFW we believe the “OBSTACLE IS THE PATH.” Our limitations and

weaknesses actually are the seeds of our greatness. Often in life, when

people have to overcome obstacles, this helps them develop the insights

toward greatness. So, instead of regretting our limitations, we should love

them because of what they will force us to become. Marla did not let

obstacles stand in her way instead she used those obstacles to achieve


Here’s what she had to say about her experience at TFW

Q: Where did you start (physically, mentally) before TFW? How did you

feel then?

Most of my life I have been physically fit. I was a gymnast from the ages of

4-21 then a XC coach/runner/middle school teacher until the age of 50.

Then we moved here and I retired and it rained practically every single day.

When I came to TFW, I felt like my metabolism was changing and my drive

to exercise had vanished. I was putting on weight at a rate that could not be

sustainable over a long period. I needed to take action and I needed


Q: What was your biggest struggle before TFW?

Before the age of 45 because of my activity level, I was able to eat pretty

much what I wanted and stay at a healthy weight but once I reduced my

level of activity my body was in a nose dive towards obesity and it was

taking a toll on my back and joints.

I would say sugar was my biggest addiction before TFW. And my biggest

struggle was not knowing how to stay motivated in this climate.

Q: How has TFW helped you?

TFW has helped me make some healthy lifestyle changes that allow me to

become stronger, healthier, more flexible, more in control of my body. TFW

has helped motivate me to be at workout daily. I found that if I sign up for

the next week of classes on Sunday, Iʼm committed and much more likely to

go to all of them rather than wait until the night before to decide if I want to

go the next morning. Travis is so knowledgeable and my teammates are so

encouraging, I really donʼt like to miss days. TFW has given me the

accountability I was missing. Itʼs not just at the gym either, itʼs the private

FaceBook page that inspires me to do better and holds me accountable.

The most important thing TFW helped me with is a never give up mentality.

Look for what works for you and do it! Seeing others in our familia succeed

gives me hope that I can do it too.

Q: What changes did you make in your diet, exercise routine or mindset

since you began training with us? What habits did you add and/or


TFW changed my entire mindset on what to eat. The Warrior 20 has proved

over and over to work for my body. I resisted this change in the beginning

thinking if I did this for 8 weeks then I could get to my goal weight and then

go back to old habits. That is insanity. But I had to see the proof for myself.

Enter INBODY. The facts donʼt lie. ON the Warrior 20 stable. OFF the

Warrior 20 had negative effects for me. The data over the past two years is

compelling and very convincing! Now I have joined the resistance and have

tapped into the Warrior within. I am not perfect and I backslide occasionally

but I know I feel better when I follow the plan. What TFW has taught me is to

plan out weekly menus and prep everything ahead so that there is less room

for error. In that plan include healthy snacks that are easy to carry with you.

And last but not least DRINK MORE WATER. This was a tough one for me.

Iʼm not a thirsty person. I found that using a straw helped increase my water

intake volumes.

ADDED: whole foods, more water, more sleep

TOOK AWAY: processed foods, sugar, dairy

Q: What have your specific results been? (look, feel, and/or perform)

1. Look (ie. lost inches, weight, leaner, other) Specifically, I am only 10

pounds under where I began but the difference is huge due to the loss of

fat being replaced by pure muscle. My muscle tone is much more like my

teen years when I was a gymnast and I am about to be a grandmother for

goodness sakes.

2. Feel (ie. stronger, more energy, other)I am much stronger than when I

began. For example, when I began at TFW I could barely lift the trap bar(45

pounds) but as of a few weeks ago I was max trap bar dead lifting over 200

pounds. I totally have more energy and I sleep better. I certainly couldnʼt do

a push up or chin up when I arrived at TFW but now I am doing loads of

pushups and chin ups with extra weight attached.

3. Perform (ie. move better, better at daily activities, other)I used to see a

chiropractor on a regular basis for aches and pains but with the TFW

program I havenʼt had to go in quite a while.

Q: What are 3 Top Tips that helped you get those results?

The top 3 Tips that helped me get results:

1. SLOW Down when eating so that your stomach has time to send the

message to your brain that you are full.

2. Make being in the DOJO a habit but move outside the gym as well. What

you do with the other 164 hours matters. (The MYZONE belt has really

given me solid data on how much movement I do during the week)

3. Set realistic and attainable goals with a plan of action of how to reach

those goals because a goal without a plan is just a wish.

Thank you Marla! All of us at TFW Bainbridge are very proud of you.

Keep working hard and Bringing Out The Warrior Within!

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