Marla R.
Before TFW Bainbridge, I struggled with a lack of motivation to exercise regularly and was putting on weight. I actually saw a post on Facebook about TFW and decided to give it a try. With a wedding just ten weeks away, I had nothing to lose but extra pounds and body fat. I joined the spring 8-week challenge and it was the best decision I ever made. I instantly had a coach that cared about my complete well being-mind, body, and spirit. This 8-week challenge group functioned like a family and gave me the support/accountability I desired and desperately needed. The significant results I saw from this challenge were: Increased energy, 14 pound weight loss, 5% body fat loss, a desire to continue this new lifestyle forever! What you get at TFW is above and beyond any other gym around. It is a gym that acts like a team-the support, enthusiasm, and encouragement are top notch. There is a wide variety of ages and body shapes and everyone feels welcome. All I can say is WOW! This program is life changing!
Raquel A.
Before starting the 8 Week Challenge I didn’t know where to begin and I felt overwhelmed. This program provided me with expert coaching, realistic nutritional advice, and a great supportive community filled with people who are all here for the same reason. We want to feel better, move better and live a great life!

Elle B.
Before TFW I wasn’t happy. I had very unhealthy habits that limited me from the life that I take pleasure in. Throughout the years I had many attempts at fitness but I never felt confidence in myself which led to disappointment and left me feeling like a failure. TFW has been Awesome! From the workouts, the mindset/motivational coaching, and the community. Thanks to TFW I have confidence in myself again and has affected every aspect of my life. I feel better prepared to take on the many challenges that life brings and I now have the confidence in my body when trying new things. I would advise anyone who is considering joining TFW, do it, try it! Trust that change is possible, this program is different than anything you’ve probably tried before. Trust and step forward you will get out of it EVEN MORE than you put into it. It’s worth the time and the money, just come! Trust that there is a warrior within you!
Jennifer W.
I love everything about this program – from leadership / coaching / motivation, the team atmosphere and accountability (I have met and become friends with an amazing group of individuals), the workouts and nutrition tips. I can’t believe how strong and motivated I feel – this is just the beginning! I would encourage anyone who has not invested in themselves and has given up on the idea of being strong / agile / lean, to try this program. You won’t be disappointed!