TFW Bainbridge Warrior of the Month



Went from “Alarmingly high cholesterol to

now Normal”

At TFW we FOCUS. Our Definition Is To Make The Most Important Thing The Most

Important Thing. FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful. This months Warrior

of the Month, Rob demonstrates this method of FOCUS to take back control of his

health and body. Rob went from “alarmingly high cholesterol to normal levels.”

Whatever it is you are working on in that moment, make it the most important thing

in the world. Every exercise, every meal, every conversation and every time you

sleep. If the TFW student can learn to “be there now” and live each moment like

this, anything can be achieved.

Here’s what Rob had to say about his experience at TFW

1. Where did you start (physical, mentally) before TFW? How did you feel then?

Physically? I was a 40-something guy thinking he could still treat his body like he

did when he was a teenager. Eat what I want, drink what I want, and let my

metabolism just take care of the rest. Sure, I “exercised” – walks, the occasional

bike ride, a ski trip in December. But, the reality of my situation was that my overall

fitness wasn’t all that great and a recent physical at the doctor back in October

turned into a real wake up call. Remember when I said that I thought I could treat

my body like I was still a teenager? That’s actually the last time I had a physical!

Long story short – I found out I had alarmingly high cholesterol – I haven’t checked,

but I think it may have been a world record (the kind you definitely don’t want). I

was immediately put on statins and then kind of left to figure out the rest. Sure – the

doc recommended exercise and a better diet – but what good was his

recommendation if I didn’t do anything about it? At this point, I felt a little lost, a

little overwhelmed, and faced a kind of existential crossroads. Would I put my head

in the sand and continue on the path of least resistance and trick myself into

thinking I was doing the right things to get my health in a better place – which would

mean maybe taking some more walks and maybe trying to do some pushups on

weekends. OR – would I actually take active steps and challenge myself to be


2. What was your biggest struggle before TFW?

Consistency and a lack of awareness of unhealthy choices. Also, giving up too


3. How has TFW helped you?

Well, let’s start with something concrete. I just had my cholesterol rechecked and

everything is within NORMAL limits. No joke. At this point, I’m working towards

everything is within NORMAL limits. No joke. At this point, I’m working towards

weaning myself off the statins – because I think the simple (but, hard) choice of

choosing to exercise regularly and eating better has been the most beneficial thing I

could have done to improve my health.

4. What results/improvements have you seen since starting with TFW?

I mentioned cholesterol in the last answer – that’s been an amazing result. I’ve also

seen improvements in increased strength! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able

to do a pull up . . . but, today, I found myself putting on a weight belt to get a PB. I

feel pretty good about that. Oh – I’ve also seen a nice change in what I choose to

eat – adding in vegetables and fruits seems like a no-brainer – but, back before

TFW, that just wasn’t happening.

5. How is life different for you now since starting with TFW?

I’m much, much healthier and I have a better mindset with regards to working out. I

really like being able to look back and realize that the gains I’ve seen with my

health, fitness, mentality – those didn’t come with giant steps or all at once. But,

instead, the changes I’ve seen and felt have come with small steps. I think that’s

the biggest thing TFW has helped me realize – that you can’t expect changes to

happen in one day, one week, or even one month. It’s a process – and as long as

you’re committed to it, you will eventually get to a place where you can look back

and see that you’ve made real, concrete changes in your life.

Thank you Rob! All of us at TFW Bainbridge are very

proud of you.

Keep working hard and Bringing Out The Warrior


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