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28-Day Results
in Advance Program

Try us out with our 28-day Results in Advance program, where you get to experience the different coaching programs we offer. No long term commitment. If for any reason you’re not over-the-top satisfied by your experience at TFW Bainbridge within your first 28 days, just let us know. We’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Choose from Three Membership Options

Train More, Fear Less

Private Training Membership

Our most individualized, all inclusive coaching membership.

Semi-Private Training Class

Semi-Private Training Membership

A cross between Private Training and Small Group Training.

Group Training Session on the ladder

Small Group Training Membership

A variety of fitness classes to choose from.

Private Training

Private Training

Personal Training that focuses on YOU!

Your needs, your wants, and your goals. We are here to motivate and guide you to those goals whether they are weight management, building muscle, increasing core strength, improving cardiovascular fitness or all of the above.

Private Training Session at TFW Bainbridge

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training

Our semi-private approach to training allows for the same personalized workouts and level of coaching as one-on-one training, but for half the price and a lot more flexibility.

With up to four people per session, this intimate size allows for the same personalized coaching as the traditional one-on-one setting, plus the opportunity to connect with fellow students on the same journey as you. Experience the support of your coaches and fellow students.

PLUS access to our Small Group Classes
Ladder Warm up at TFW Bainbridge

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

Our Small Group Personal Training was created so that our clients could have an affordable solution to lose fat, build muscle and feel great again. Our coaches create structured and adaptable monthly programs (adjusted to the individual) so you’ll never get bored. They over-see every part of the training so it’s safe, effective, fun and challenging.
Small Group Class posing in flex

No matter their fitness level, our students focus on…

Total Body Strength Training

Designed to increase overall strength, lean muscle and burn fat. We make sure our classes are tailored for ALL fitness levels because we know a proper strength training routine is essential for long-term fat loss and a healthy life style. We educate all of our students on proper technique and weight lifting protocols.

Cardio Strength

By pairing cardio exercises with strength exercises in a circuit format, our students build and tone lean muscle. These HIIT style classes are designed to increase mental and physical fortitude. In short, we burn more calories in less time.

TFW Hurricane

The Hurricane is our SIGNATURE fat burning workout. The hurricane uses quick cardio bursts through sprints, assault bikes, or similar cardio exercise followed by a combination of bodyweight and lightweight exercises and movements.

This combination increases the body’s metabolic rate — which burns fat AND continues to keep the body burning calories long after you leave the gym.

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28 Day Results in Advance Program

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